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Interchange Parts for your 53 to 62 Corvette

This document was handed out during a Tech Session presented at the 2005 SACC Convention.  The listing had been published previously in the On Solid Ground. Unfortunately, most salvage yards have processed their old ’50 series cars and those that still have any such cars on hand – the carcasses have been pretty well picked over. However, this listing might be of some benefit to someone looking for that illusive part.




Interchange Parts For Your 53 to 62 Corvette by Larry Richter


Several years ago I started scavenging wrecking yards and observing parts that were interchangeable and totally correct for our early Corvettes. The wrecking yard is a great place to find early Corvette parts, and for some of us it’s kind of fun getting into the old cars and scrounging around in the rust, oil, and dirt. I have compiled the following list of parts for Corvettes that can be found on other cars. The list is by no means complete and does not include many of the internal engine and mechanical parts that are interchangeable.


CORVETTE PART                                             SAME PART ON THIS CAR


Bolts, nuts, fasteners:                                                  GM cars and pickups. Remember the pickup plant was also in St. Louis.



             1958-62 Corvette                                               Any 1955-56 Bel Air clock.


Courtesy Light Buttons                                                Brown - All early 1959 GM cars.


Dash knobs:

             1953-55 Corvette                                               1953-54 passenger car (Same, but black. Must be painted white.)

             1956-57 Corvette                                               1956 passenger car knobs.


Door Glass:                                                                    1956-62 Must be cut, but originals have the correct logo. (watch date codes.)


Door Handles:

             1956-62 Corvette                                               1955-56 passenger door handles with the thin bottom part of the handle.


Door Hinges:

             1956-62 Corvette                                                Both left and right, 1955-57 2 door or hardtop passenger car.


Door Latches:

             1956-62 Corvette                                                Any GM 1955-56 2 door car.



Door Lock:

             1956-62  Corvette                                              1955-57 passenger car door locks.


Door (window) parts:                                                    1956-57 car parts. (Must rework main arm.)


Door (Power Window Motor):

             1956 Corvette                                                    1956 Chevrolet Passenger car

             1957-58                                                              1957 to 59 GM Passenger cars


Emergency Brake Flasher Switch                               1955-57 Chevrolet


Head Lights:

             1953-62 Corvette                                                All 1950s, early 60s GM cars.


Heater Control:

             1953-55 Corvette                                               1953 Oldsmobile (Change the knob)



             1956 Corvette                                                     1956 Chevrolet passenger car horn.

             1957 Corvette                                                     1961 Chev. pass. car. - Placement on Corvette;  right horn on left, left horn on right.

             1958-60 Corvette                                                Same as above + rotate bracket 180 degrees.



 Mirror - Outside Y-50:

             1953-62  Corvette                                              1950 Cadillac (Right side) Possibly Buick.


Rear license plate bracket:

             1956-57 Corvette                                               1955-56 passenger car trunk bracket.


Trunk Latch Cover                                                        1955-56 passenger car.


Trunk Lock:

             1953-62 Most                                                     1952-58 GM cars


Turn Signal Housing Cone:

             1953-57 Corvette                                                All 1953-54 cars.


Waffle Pattern Upholstery:

             1956-57 Corvette                                               1955 Nomad



Windshield Washer:

             1958-62 Control Unit                                          Most 1950s GM cars. Early 1958s may have used the glass jar, on the later cars you must change the top.


Windshield Washer Red Top Container:

             1957 (1st design)                                               All 1958 cars that used a foot operated pump with raised bar on top.


Windshield Washer Nozzles:

             1953-62 Corvette                                               Any early 50s Chevrolet or GMC truck.



Wiper Blades:

             1953-55 Corvette                                               1956-57 car using the electric wiper motor.



             1956-62 Corvette                                               1955-56 passenger car wheels (Must be welded, not riveted.)



Rear Spring Plates:

                    1958-62 Corvette                                        1955-57 car. On 1960-62 Corvette, you will need to drill a hole for the sway bracket


Wonderbar Radio:

             1956 Corvette                                                    1956 car Wonderbar radio. There is a slight difference in the power pack unit, Chevrolet has power pack lead on

                                                                                        left going over radio, Corvette is on the right


             1957 Corvette                                                    1957 Chevrolet Wonderbar radio.


Wonderbar Radio knobs:    

             1953-55 Corvette                                               1953 Buick - Chrome back knobs

             1956-57 Corvette                                               1956 car headlight knob. (Take shaft off)