It's in the books -

MiSACC hosted the 2019 SACC National Convention in the Detroit Metro area.


All who participated found that Detroit showed itself well, the unique automotive attractions made a great convention and a good time was had by all. 


2019 SACC National Convention included  visits to Lingenfelter Collection, Pratt & Miller Racing, the GM Heritage Center, a Detroit River cruise, The Henry Ford complex including Greenfield Village, the Rouge Plant tour & the Automotive Hall of Fame and concluded with a banquet that was scheduled to have Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter as our keynote speaker.

Three days prior to the convention, we were informed that, due to personal concerns, Tadge declined our invitation. However; Tadge provided a replacement. Fortunately for SACC, Josh Holder, Corvette Program Manager & “Assistant Chief Engineer” provided an outstanding first hand experience based on his knowledge of the design of the C8, including its many unique features. Zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds, top speed of 194 mph, driver has moved forward 18” based on C7, collision collapse zone is reinforced with high strength castings and they are not “sold out”, primarily because General Motors has not determined how many C8s will be made





          Bob Brown                        Greatest distance driven in his 1959

            Fred Hamilton                   Longest distance trailered

            Don and Denice Eckert     One of three C1s driven from Texas

            Kathy Ilowiecki                Dad’s 1959 driven from Massachusetts

            Chuck Stika                        President’s Award for the outstanding 1958 Corvette

            Bill Huffman                      Chairman’s Award for the outstanding 2019 SACC Convention

Three different C8 Corvettes were made available to SACC convention attendees, a white one at Pratt & Miller, another  white  one at the GM  Heritage Center and a beautiful Long Beach Red example at the Banquet. In a word, WOW! and at a base price of <$60,000 !! Hold me back, momma!!!!


Contact Bill Huffman - to  become involved and to help the Michigan Chapter of SACC keep the C1s on the road. a PURE MICHIGAN  event.