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Michigan Chapter Solid Axle Corvette Club
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So why are you here? Perhaps you have a newer Corvette and are just curious about the first generation solid axle Corvettes (1953-1962) and the Solid Axle Corvette Club (SACC). Perhaps you own or want to acquire a first generation  Corvette. It doesn't matter why you're here, but we're glad you are.


Michigan SACC is one of eight chapters of the national Solid Axle Corvette Club focused on the preservation and pleasure of owning and driving the C-1 Corvette; those manufactured and sold by General Motors from 1953 through 1962.


Welcome to C-1 heaven; we want you to enjoy your visit..Stay as long as you like. Hope to see you soon on the road.


"Where it all began!"

1959 GM Motorama Concept Corvette

1958 Concept Corvette with a female flair Known as "Fancy Free" This was one of 10 1959 GM concept cars produced by the "Damsels of Design" - a group of women stylists under the direction of Harley Earl, tasked with creating features that would enhance the appeal of GM's automobiles among prospective female buyers. This 1959 Corvette is the only remaining example. it retains its factory-original metallic "Silver Olive" paint, leather wrapped tray for purse stowage, and floor mounted waste basket