Technically Speaking....

electric fuel pump for your C-1


Parts and distinations noted:

Mr. Gasket #12S Fuel Pump (4-7 psi, 30 gpm, 2 amp max.)

10 amp toggle

5 amp fuse with wire connectors

3/8" steel brake line - approx 12"

3/8" Fuel hose x 24" and 6 clamps

Electric Fuel Pump for your C-1


First, acquire the necessary parts, gather the tools, screwdriver and wrench then, open the deck lid, raise the convertible top and hook to the windshield.


Next, theconvertible top rear bow is rotated forward to expose the  tank cover.                                                        


Move both seat cushions forward out of the seat frame to allow the seat backs to be unhooked & rotated forward.


The tank cover can then be removed using a medium Phillips screwdriver.


Disconnect the fuel line at the tank (from the sending unit)


Attach a 12 inch long 3/8 diameter steel brake line to the sending unit that is bent at the center of length approximately 10-15 degrees forward, then bent down over the end of the tank. Connect the steel brake line to 3 inch long 3/8 inch gasoline hose that is then connected to a 90 degree bend in a 3/8 steel tube. Another short 2 inch long 3/8 gasoline hose is connected to the filter side of the Mr. Gasket #12 S in-line pump. 4 clamps are required on the input side.

Using the long 3/8 rubber gasoline hose and 2 more hose clamps, connect the output side of the in-line pump back to the fuel line to the engine. The pump nests down beside the tank. This, in effect, just creates a loop in the fuel system.

The pump black ground lead is connected to tank ground with an 18 inch length of black wire, one eyelet terminal and a pair of male/female insulated connectors.  This allows a new pump to be installed later just by putting the appropriate connector at the end of each pump lead.


The pump red wire lead is ultimately connected to the RH side of the ignition switch. Connection starts with a pair of male/female insulated connectors, red wire is run parallel to sending unit lead, thru the rubber grommet, routed with the sending unit lead & antenna cable, under the carpet support & wiring cover, behind the kick panel, up & under the instrument cluster to a location of your choice to mount a 10 Amp toggle switch. Mine goes to a ½ inch hole on the driver side of the console, just below the cowl vent lever.

Next in line is a 5 Amp fuse with connectors & wiring leading up to the ignition switch and by means of a V shape jumper wire harness.  The insulated female connector at the vertex of the jumper connects to RH male switch terminal (hot ONLY when ignition is ON). Insulated male connector on one side goes to ignition harness lead. The other side of the jumper is connected to the fuse link.


10 Amp Toggle

Fuel Pump in position