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A prerequisite to become a Michigan SACC Chapter member, a person must belong to the National SACC organization. Applications for membership are available on this Chapter Web Site, Submitting an application along with the appropriate listed dues, is necessary for membership. The MI-SACC Chapter will forward your National dues to assure your National membership. Once becoming a National member you will receive:


On Solid Ground, the National quarterly published magazine, and


Michigan, the Michigan Chapter newsletter, and a membership number.


Michigan is intended as a communication for Chapter members about chapter activities, technical articles, classified ads and past events to maintain in keeping our membership informed. The Editor and the Board of Directors of MI-SACC have made every effort to ensure that the Solid Scoop contains no inaccuracies or errors, either in technical articles, tour information, listings regarding flyer and non-flyer events or in advertisements and is non-offensive and non-political and disclaim liability for any that may occur. Should you find any problem, please do not hesitate to contact the Editor. We will make every reasonable effort to rectify the situation.


Member submitted technical articles are encouraged. Many times these technical articles are based on personal experiences and preferences and as such are intended only as guidelines or helpful information for club members.

MI-SACC Membership

Also visit the SACC National website -

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