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We hope that our newsletters will provide you with an understanding our vision -"Keep the C1s on the Road". MI SACC desires the newsletter to be flexible and to that end we have left open what we publish—essentially, if it is of interest to the Michigan SACC community, we will print it.  Obviously, we won’t reprint copyrighted material without permission, but anything original will find its way into the pages.


Generally, MI SACC newsletter will include whatever our members send in much as you prepared it; however, we reserve the right to edit for “good taste” and, of course correct obvious spelling or grammar errors.  We will be keeping the length of Michigan to a reasonable length, so depending on the amount of information we have for publication; your input may have to wait for the next issue.  But, rest assured it will find its way into the newsletter.


The newsletter will be distributed via email in February, May, August, and November for those without email, copies will be snail mailed. Therefore, please send items for publication or your "wants and needs" by the 10th of the preceding month.


In summary, this is your newsletter—We will cut and paste the pieces together.  So if there is something you would like to see here, please let us know. 


Dave and Sue Ruby

Newsletter Editors,


Remember: "Make every mile of seat time a good memory!"

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